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Born in 1997,  Shanghai, China

Currently based in London, UK

Working with photography, mixed media, and self-publishing

The origins of her photographic practice are often inspired by the subtle collisions of everyday life and embark on a journey with those hidden, overlooked, and re-edited visual cues. The absence of the body creates a strong sense of presence in the work, and the metaphorical everyday materiality of the images creates absurd and intriguing frictions that give her a range of new perspectives to interpret the objects themselves and the images themselves, capturing specific trivial details in random scenarios. At the same time, she is also looking at the combination of photography with other media and materials, or rather, the new possibilities of photography itself.



BA, Public Art (Video and Photography Pathway), East China Normal University


MA, Photography, Royal College of Art


After The High Tide, Cromwell Place, London, UK, 2021 (Upcoming 14-18 July)

Online Photography Degree Show, Photograd, 2021 (Online), 2021

GUP Fresh Eyes 2021 Talent, 2021


On the White Wall: 20 Litre Interior and Exterior Wall Paint, Millennium Gallery, The Bhavan Centre, London, UK, 2020

Work in Progress, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2020

15th Anniversary, BA Degree Show, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China, 2019

Shortlisted in the 8th Photography Exhibition of the Propaganda Department of the Students' Union of the China Academy of Art Shanghai Design Institute and the China-Japan Youth Video Art Exchange Exhibition between the China Academy of Fine Arts and the Musashino Art University of Japan "Exhibition, 2017

Professional Experience

​Stage Manager & Still Photography, cooperate with Director Chao Tang, 2019

Volunteer for at s + s Assistant Gallery, Shanghai Gan Er Contemporary Art Fair, 2017

Became a member of the Art Support and Cultural Exchange Detachment in Aheqi County, Kezhou, Xinjiang, to popularize local art education, to complete daily teaching work independently in the process of supporting education, and to provide constructive suggestions for local art education, 2017

Participated in the shooting of the "Great Scenery, Extraordinary Views" (Autumn and Winter) of Shanghai Grand Theater, 2016

Participated in the Bund SOHO project shooting, 2015

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