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Multidimensinal World

Color, 4K Video, 2'39, 2019

One of the characteristics that attract me to cyberspace is its uncertainty and non-uniqueness. Due to its limited autonomy and the spontaneity of some computer coding programs, it will produce very special images. For example, network programs often have many faults. It does not directly display these faults, but instead uses the corresponding images to replace the picture. So I think that the network itself is infinitely creative and artistic.
When walking in this space of Google Earth, due to the instability of the network or the code programming problem of the software itself, it is often the case that the landscape on both sides of the street is stagnant and the street view lens is continuously moving forward. Stretched to become a full-color screen. Such a picture often flashes, but it feels like it is placed in another space outside the real space and cyberspace. This reminds me of the novel "Flatland" by Edwin Abbott Abbott. In his "Flatland", the entire city and all residents appear in two-dimensional shapes, without all three-dimensional things, without sunlight or Other similar lights have no shadow. The above is the source of inspiration. I will record the route taken in the streets of the United Kingdom and perform software processing based on this. The entire street will be stretched and distorted in different forms and ways to achieve my "different" Face the country "imagination. I hope that the entire video will constantly wake up me and the viewers. We are always in a state of "between", between certainty and uncertainty, between abstraction and concreteness, and between virtuality and reality in cyberspace. Between the realities of the world.

In cyberspace, urban landscapes can be transformed into readable text, symbols, and data. The human world has never been changed and shaped so quickly and madly, and the relationship between urban landscapes and people has become closer. The landscape is no longer simply described as the real environment in which we live. It also includes the virtual existence of the network and all media. Today, with the prevalence of virtual networks, artificial intelligence, and artificial landscapes, urban landscapes have become the technology itself, and modern technology has transformed all these landscapes into extensions and confirmations of human identity. The film was finally made into an infinite loop effect so that the viewer was surrounded in the space I constructed, stagnated from the real space, and also stretched and distorted.

I also focused on the overcrowded world-famous tourist attractions, looking for the figure of Chinese tourists in the street view, intercepting the state where they are taking pictures or being photographed, and distributing them in the form of clip art. In the video. Mass tourists who “willingly” express themselves in front of landscapes around the world. They seem to be willing to participate in all ubiquitous consumer cultural activities, have an unsatisfied desire for wonders, and announce their travel, choice, and consumption with cameras and selfie sticks s right. I hope to use a more witty approach to express the normality around us, use images to discuss topics related to consumerism, mass tourism, and globalization, and wake up some of our cultures that are disappearing.

屏幕快照 2019-05-23 上午10.02.09.png
屏幕快照 2019-05-23 上午10.01.49.png
屏幕快照 2019-05-23 上午10.01.22.png
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