2018, color, Acrylic board printing

I set this scene in one of my classrooms - Public Art Studio 1. I select some parts of the space that are not related to me and shoot them, then use the acrylic material to make UV prints, covering the part with the same size or fixing it on the side. The action changes the perspective and view of the object. My intention is to discuss how photography changes and records our senses about the outside world, that is, photography records the senses of the moment but whether it can record the truth.

what is photography? An idea? A form? Or a medium? I am still thinking about the definition of the identity of photography. When we press the shutter, the camera can only accept and mechanically record the picture determined by the lens model at that time and in that viewfinder. This contrast is intended to be presented. As a reproduction of the object, how much does the object itself change during the process of printing after taking the photo? Our naked eyes may not be able to feel it, then what we see is real? At the moment when technology is extremely advanced, there is a limit to photography itself.

Photographed 1.2-亚克力板打印-410*450*1-2018.1
Photographed 2-亚克力板打印-530*390*4-2018.1.j
Photographed 3-亚克力板打印-310*500*4-2018.1.j

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