Color, Digital Print, 2019
I always have a sense of oppression when I look at the cities under those dense buildings. I think those buildings are not built in cities, but instead, they engulf the city. For me, these cities surrounded by high-rise buildings are just as easy to get lost as the Internet world.
Sometimes I even dream about the buildings. I imagine myself razing those buildings, or, I have a magic to make them grotesque.
So I searched the relevant images of cities in Wikipedia and re-edited the photos with computer software. I rebuilt the city and wanna present the city in a modeled manner in my mind. Due to the limited autonomy and initiative of the computer software coding program, every step of my operation may have a different effect. I think that’s what cities like inside the computer, with codes and programs. I am interested in the rise of improvisation and chance. There is an interesting inner logic in these images, and it also produces a sense of humor and poetry.